Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name Nils Dagsson Moskopp
Date of birth
Address Olafstraße 67
13467 Berlin-Hermsdorf
Telephone Number +49-176-62424815

Project Experience

Time Project & Tasks Coworkers
2014 Font GNU Unifont
  • Drawing of over 500 Unicode-Glyphs
  • Drawing with Bitmap, GNU Emacs
  • Version control with Git
  • Paul Hardy (Maintainer)
until Mediawiki-Bot Open Access Media Importer
  • Programming, documentation
  • Programming in Bourne Shell, Python
  • Visualization of project progress with matplotlib
  • Version control with Git
  • Daniel Mietchen (Maintainer)
  • Raphael Wimmer (Infrastructure)
until Non-fiction book Internet-Meme — kurz und geek (O'Reilly)
  • Concept, authorship
  • Implementation of the book's website
  • Writing with GNU Emacs, GNU Nano
  • Writing in text format ReStructured Text
  • Version control with Git
  • Christian Heller (Coauthor)
  • Volker Bombien (Editor)
Game Minetest Δ
  • Drawing of textures
  • Code-Review (C, Python)
  • Programming in C, Python
  • Version control with Mercurial, Git
2010 Wordpress-Plugin Creative Commons License Manager
  • Concept, programming und Dokumentation
  • Programming in PHP, JavaScript
  • Version control with Git
  • Nathan Kinkade (GSoC Mentor)
until Freifunk Leipzig, Project 249
  • Concept, Financing
  • Beschaffung von Hardware
  • Configuration of routers
  • Laura Endter
  • Till Hackler
  • Moritz Schlarb


Time span Institution
since Humboldt-Universität Berlin Studying Philosophy / Computer Science
until Technische Universität München Studying Engineering Physics (without degree)
Landesschule PfortaAbitur with grade 2,2 (science-oriented branch)


Time Title Event Cospeakers
2015 Politische Memes: Zwischen Clicktivism und ernsthafter Politisierung Entlarvt! Und jetzt?! (Conference of the Böll Foundation)
2013 Internet-Meme: Geschichte und Forschungsstand SIGINT 2013
  • Christian Heller
2013 Making music with a C compiler SIGINT 2013
2013 Internet-Meme: Geschichte, Forschungsstand, Kontroversen re:publica 2013
  • Christian Heller
2013 Trollforschung am Beispiel re:fefe re:publica 2013
  • Linus Neumann
  • Michael Kreil
2012 „Hallo Welt“ in Assembler SIGINT 2012
  • Christian Heller
  • Fiona Krakenbürger
2011 Fickileaks – Post-Privacy X-Treme Spackeriade
  • Fiona Krakenbürger
2011 Quo vadis, Web? re:publica 2011
2011 Maschinenlesbare Auszeichnung von Nutzungsrechten taz-Medienkongress
2010 Haha, ich lachte, Bernd! re:publica 2010
2009 Der plomlombot – ein Twitter-Remix-Bot 26. Chaos Communication Congress


Time Title Kind Coauthors
2013 Internet-Meme — kurz und geek Non-fiction book
  • Christian Heller
2013 Inconsistent XML as a Barrier to Reuse of Open Access Content Article
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Chris Maloney


Time Title Colaureates
2013 ASAP Award for the Open Access Media Importer
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Raphael Wimmer


German Mother tongue
English Fluent
Latin Latinum

Technical and Programming Skills

  • Identification of security vulnerabilities (Fuzzing, LANGSEC, XSS)
  • Build Management and dependency handling (make, redo)
  • Expert handling of Linux / Unix command line (grep, sed, usw.)
  • Programming languages: Bourne Shell, C, JavaScript, PHP, Python, rc, XSLT
  • Markup languages: CSS, HTML, SVG, Troff, XHTML, XML
  • Drawing with Bitmap, Graphviz, Inkscape, GIMP