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  • Time has a different meaning at the South Pole if you are working with offsite people, as is typical of the science winter overs. "Day" is when the internet connection is working. "Night" is when it is not. There is only satellite coverage for half the day. ( Quelle )
  • I once asked one of my employees, “What do you want to do with your career? What do you want to be?” I was terribly disappointed by his answer: “I want to be a J2EE architect.” I asked why not a “Microsoft Word designer” or a “RealPlayer installer?” ( Quelle ; via )
  • An Indian leader came to the British officer in charge of a region and complained that the British wouldn't let them burn their widows on their husband's funeral pyre as was tradition. The officer said that if they wanted to practice their tradition it was fine but then he would be forced to practice the British tradition of hanging men who burned women alive. ( Quelle )






  • Considering that 8 bit BASICs of the 70s had range checked and garbage collected strings, it is amazing how much damage C has done. ( Quelle ; danke, dridde )
  • command-line interfaces are inherently lazier than GUIs. I say this because I’ve made both. The work that goes into a good command-line interface is less than the work that goes into a good GUI interface. ( Quelle )
  • APIs are currently the core fabric by which communication occurs within a computing system. As long as we use them, we end up with specialization of communication between computing systems. ( Quelle )