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  • An der Spitze der Nahrungskette ist man erst, wenn man sich nur von Kannibalen ernährt. ( Quelle )
  • A good keyboard should be sturdy enough to beat a man to death with. And then use to write his obituary. ( Quelle )
  • Just make politicians have to wear patches on their suits indicating who their donors are. NASCAR style. ( Quelle )
  • One day Pavlov walked into a bar and ordered a cognac. He was about to take a sip when the barkeep rang him up. He dropped his glass and shouted "Shit! I've got to feed the dogs!" and ran out. ( Quelle )









  • The problem as I see it is that news sites started adding the ability for user comments to try to make their websites more 'sticky'. They wanted people to keep coming back ... but the ones that do are the trolls. ( Quelle )
  • Advertising, as irritating as it can be, can help us to distinguish between content motivated by money (probably distributed by a giant corporation with an ulterior motive of keeping you suckling at their teat while feeding you politically slanted pseudo-news) and content motivated by some other impetus. ( Quelle )
  • Developers are part of a very narrow segment which has no reliable Key Performance Indicators . Part of that is developers are smart enough to game any system, because they can think in algorithms. ( Quelle )
  • start by thinking about what you would do if you had infinite resources. That's the ideal case. Find a real bottleneck (money, cpu, memory, ?) and rethink your architecture accordingly, find the next real bottleneck and so on. ( Quelle )
  • I think if the Snowden affair has taught us anything, it's that real power in the west is not held by politicians but rather the executive branch (US) and civil service (UK). The bureaucrats appear to be able to do whatever they like, then repeatedly lie about it (USA) or simply refuse to turn up at all (UK) and politicians let them get away with it. ( Quelle )