Liberation Circuit

Liberation Circuit is a real-time strategy game in which the appearance and behaviour of units is determined by programs, which can be loaded and modified at runtime. The game was created by Linley Henzell. It is free software, licensed under the GPLv3.

Liberation Circuit is the sequel to Invincible Countermeasure, an earlier real-time strategy game by Linley Henzell. As a major improvement over Invincible Countermeasure, Liberation Circuit contains a graphical unit editor and a code generator.


Units from left to right: A harvester, a builder, a base, two attackers.
The editor allows the player to create or modify units.
A large ship and its scouts (beige) are attacking a heavily defended base (blue).


The source code for the game can be downloaded on the GitHub page for Liberation Circuit. To run the game, one needs both the source and game data files. Game data can be downloaded on the GitHub releases page for Liberation Circuit.


Linley Henzell uses the Code::Blocks build system to build Liberation Circuit. Build instructions for Code::Blocks are not available. From version Alpha1A on, Liberation Circuit source code includes dofiles; the source code can be compiled using redo (redo src/g_game).


On Debian GNU/Linux, compiling Liberation Circuit requires the following packages:

  • liballegro-acodec5-dev
  • liballegro-audio5-dev
  • liballegro-dialog5-dev
  • liballegro-image5-dev
  • liballegro5-dev