Magic: The Gathering, Booster Draft

Booster Draft is a format of playing Magic: the Gathering where players pack one card from a booster pack and then pass it to their neighbour.

Rejects Draft

Rejects Draft is a variant of booster draft where custom-made booster packs containing unwanted or superfluous cards are brought by the participants.


  • Each participant brings 3 custom-made boosters.
  • Each custom-made booster has to contain:
    • 1 rare card (gold expansion symbol).
    • 3 uncommon cards (silver expansion symbol).
    • 11 common cards (black expansion symbol).
    • At least 2 cards that share a color for each color.
    • No more than 5 cards that share a color.
    • No more than 2 cards that share a Magic: The Gathering expansion symbol.
    • A matching checklist card for each double-sided card they contain.
    • No cards named Forest, Island, Mountain, Plains or Swamp.
    • No vanilla creatures (creature cards with no rules text).
  • Boosters are distributed with no player receiving a booster they brought.
  • After the draft, players keep all cards they drafted from booster packs.

Chaos Draft

Chaos Draft is a variant of booster draft where booster packs of many different editions are used.

Cheap Boosters

Boosters for the following 42 editions can be bought at MKM for up to 5€:

Avacyn Restoredangels, demons, humans
Betrayers of Kamigawaarcane spells, spirits
Born of the Godsenchantment creatures, gods
Coldsnapretro theme, snow cards
Dark Ascensiondemons, humans, monsters
Dragon's Mazemulticolor
Dragons of Tarkirdragons
Eventidemulticolor (enemy colors)
Fate Reforgeddragons, multicolor
Fifth Dawnartifacts, multicolor
Invasionmulticolor (allied colors)
Journey into Nyxenchantments, gods
Judgmentgraveyard, green/white
Khans of Tarkirmulticolor (wedge colors)
Legionscreatures only theme, morph
Magic 2010
Magic 2011
Magic 2012
Magic 2013
Magic 2014
Magic 2015
Magic Originsstrictly worse theme
Mirrodin Besiegedartifacts, equipment, poison
Mirrodin Besieged Mirran Faction Packartifacts, equipment
Mirrodin Besieged Phyrexian Faction Packartifacts, equipment, poison
Nemesisfading, mercenaries, spellshapers
Planar Chaosalternate color pie
Prophecymercenaries, rebels, rhystic magic
Return to Ravnicamulticolor
Saviours of Kamigawacards in hand, spirits
Scars of Mirrodinartifacts, equipment, poison
Therosenchantments, gods, monsters
Time Spiralretro theme, time travel
Tormentblack, swamps matter theme
Weatherlightgraveyard, sacrifice
8th Edition
9th Edition
10th Edition

Chaos Draft at 32C3


  • Each participant brings 3 different sealed boosters (with 15+ cards each).
  • Boosters from smaller editions are opened first.
  • Booster draft direction is clockwise.
  • Deck building time is 30 minutes.
  • Minimum deck size is 40 cards.
  • No sideboards.

Tournament structure

  • Round robin tournament (everyone plays everyone else).
  • A single match is won by a player who has won 2 games.
  • A player who quits concedes all remaining games.

Prize distribution

Rares, foils and cards listed on Price Visualizer for a given edition (for example Cabal Coffers) are put on a table at the end of the tournament. Then the player who scored first place picks a card, then the player who scored second place picks a card … until the player who scored last place picked a card. The process is repeated until all cards were picked by a player.


  • Battle for Zendikar
  • Dragons of Tarkir
  • Magic Origins