Magic: The Gathering, Pauper Cube


The Azorius color type focusses on birds.

2Airborne AidAirborne Aid
2Aven CloudchaserAven Cloudchaser
2Aven EnvoyAven Envoy
2Crookclaw TransmuterCrookclaw Transmuter
2Neurok FamiliarNeurok Familiar
2Offering to AshaOffering to Asha
2Raven Guild InitiateRaven Guild Initiate
2Sage-Eye HarrierSage-Eye Harrier
2Suntail HawkSuntail Hawk
2Talon TrooperTalon Trooper
20 total
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The Izzet color pair focusses on instant and sorcery reuse. It contains instants and sorceries with Splice onto Arcane and creatures that have synergies with instants and sorceries.

2Consuming VortexConsuming Vortex
2Crushing PainCrushing Pain
2Glacial RayGlacial Ray
2Izzet ChronarchIzzet Chronarch
2Lava SpikeLava Spike
2Nivix CyclopsNivix Cyclops
2Psychic PuppetryPsychic Puppetry
2Reach through MistsReach through Mists
2Torrent of StoneTorrent of Stone
2Veil of SecrecyVeil of Secrecy
20 total
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The Golgari color pair focusses on using the graveyard as a resource. It contains spells with Flashback and creatures with Dredge.

2Acorn HarvestAcorn Harvest
2Bitter RevelationBitter Revelation
2Crippling FatigueCrippling Fatigue
2Drown in FilthDrown in Filth
2Elephant AmbushElephant Ambush
2Grisly SalvageGrisly Salvage
2Moldervine CloakMoldervine Cloak
2Moldgraf ScavengerMoldgraf Scavenger
2Morgue TheftMorgue Theft
2Stinkweed ImpStinkweed Imp
20 total
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The Boros color pair focusses on equipment and attacking with lots of creatures. It contains spells and creatures that produce tokens and equipment with Living Weapon.

2Auriok GlaivemasterAuriok Glaivemaster
2Bone SawBone Saw
2Desperate SentryDesperate Sentry
2Destructive TamperingDestructive Tampering
2Dragon FodderDragon Fodder
2Flayer HuskFlayer Husk
2Goblin GaveleerGoblin Gaveleer
2Hedron BladeHedron Blade
2Lithomancer's FocusLithomancer's Focus
2Otherworldly OutburstOtherworldly Outburst
2Raise the AlarmRaise the Alarm
24 total
Deck file


The Gruul color pair focusses on Eldrazi and colorless mana. It contains creatures that provide mana and Eldrazi that require a lot of mana.

2Eldrazi DevastatorEldrazi Devastator
2Generator ServantGenerator Servant
2Kozilek's PathfinderKozilek's Pathfinder
2Maw of KozilekMaw of Kozilek
2Prey UponPrey Upon
2Satyr HedonistSatyr Hedonist
2Stalking DroneStalking Drone
2Ulamog's CrusherUlamog's Crusher
2Ulvenwald CaptiveUlvenwald Captive
2Vildin-Pack OutcastVildin-Pack Outcast
2Warden of GeometriesWarden of Geometries
24 total
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The five-color slivers package consists of traditional tribal synergy. It includes only slivers that benefit either all other slivers or none of them. Slivers of one color all have different converted mana cost to encourage play with multiple colors.

2Bonesplitter SliverBonesplitter Sliver
2Crypt SliverCrypt Sliver
2Gemhide SliverGemhide Sliver
2Homing SliverHoming Sliver
2Hunter SliverHunter Sliver
2Lymph SliverLymph Sliver
2Mindlash SliverMindlash Sliver
2Plated SliverPlated Sliver
2Reflex SliverReflex Sliver
2Screeching SliverScreeching Sliver
2Spitting SliverSpitting Sliver
2Synchronous SliverSynchronous Sliver
2Virulent SliverVirulent Sliver
2Watcher SliverWatcher Sliver
2Winged SliverWinged Sliver
30 total
Deck file


Some cards have all creature types. This is intended to play well with slivers.

2Avian ChangelingAvian Changeling
2Blades of Velis VelBlades of Velis Vel
2Game-Trail ChangelingGame-Trail Changeling
2Nameless InversionNameless Inversion
2Wings of Velis VelWings of Velis Vel
10 total
Deck file


The Orzhov color pair focusses on vehicles and lifegain.

2Aradara ExpressAradara Express
2Blind CreeperBlind Creeper
2Caught in the BrightsCaught in the Brights
2Mobile GarrisonMobile Garrison
2Oreskos Sun GuideOreskos Sun Guide
2Scholar of AthreosScholar of Athreos
2Sky SkiffSky Skiff
2Vampire EnvoyVampire Envoy
18 total
Deck file


The Dimir color pair focusses on colorless Eldrazi.

2Benthic InfiltratorBenthic Infiltrator
2Complete DisregardComplete Disregard
2Dominator DroneDominator Drone
2Murk StriderMurk Strider
2Mind RakerMind Raker
2Salvage DroneSalvage Drone
2Spell ShrivelSpell Shrivel
2Scour from ExistenceScour from Existence
2Sludge CrawlerSludge Crawler
2Ruin ProcessorRuin Processor
20 total
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The Sunburst archetype focusses on cards that get better as mana of more colors is spent on them.

2Chromatic SphereChromatic Sphere
2Dragonsoul KnightDragonsoul Knight
2Grixis IllusionistGrixis Illusionist
2Opaline BracersOpaline Bracers
2Orochi LeafcallerOrochi Leafcaller
2Presence of NyleaPresence of Nylea
2Sawtooth ThresherSawtooth Thresher
2Skyreach MantaSkyreach Manta
2Tajuru StalwartTajuru Stalwart
2Tribal FlamesTribal Flames
20 total
Deck file


The Rakdos color pair focusses on sacrificing creatures. It includes creatures and spells that have beneficial effects when creatures die and cards that let you steal opponents' creatures.

2Ashen-Skin ZuberaAshen-Skin Zubera
2Auger SpreeAuger Spree
2Brimstone VolleyBrimstone Volley
2Defiant SalvagerDefiant Salvager
2Death's-Head BuzzardDeath's-Head Buzzard
2Ember-Fist ZuberaEmber-Fist Zubera
2Goblin ReplicaGoblin Replica
2Kathari BomberKathari Bomber
2Mogg FanaticMogg Fanatic
2Nim ReplicaNim Replica
2Tragic SlipTragic Slip
24 total
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The Simic color pair focusses on energy. It has creatures that can convert energy counters into +1/+1 counters or servo artifact creatures tokens.

2Aether HerderAether Herder
2Aether SwooperAether Swooper
2Consulate TurretConsulate Turret
2Glassblower's PuzzleknotGlassblower's Puzzleknot
2Highspire InfusionHighspire Infusion
2Reservoir WalkerReservoir Walker
2Shipwreck MorayShipwreck Moray
2Thriving RhinoThriving Rhino
2Thriving TurtleThriving Turtle
2Woodweaver's PuzzleknotWoodweaver's Puzzleknot
20 total
Deck file


The cube contains one guildgate for each two-color pair.

2Azorius GuildgateAzorius Guildgate
2Boros GuildgateBoros Guildgate
2Dimir GuildgateDimir Guildgate
2Golgari GuildgateGolgari Guildgate
2Gruul GuildgateGruul Guildgate
2Izzet GuildgateIzzet Guildgate
2Orzhov GuildgateOrzhov Guildgate
2Rakdos GuildgateRakdos Guildgate
2Selesnya GuildgateSelesnya Guildgate
2Simic GuildgateSimic Guildgate
20 total
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The Selesnya color pair focusses on enchantments and creatures.

2Armadillo CloakArmadillo Cloak
2Searing LightSearing Light
2Kruphix's InsightKruphix's Insight
2Leafcrown DryadLeafcrown Dryad
2Nyxborn ShieldmateNyxborn Shieldmate
2Oakheart DryadsOakheart Dryads
2Utopia VowUtopia Vow
20 total
Deck file


The Equipment archetype focusses on equipment and creatures that get bonuses when they are equipped.

2Adventuring GearAdventuring Gear
2Bone SawBone Saw
2Explorer's ScopeExplorer's Scope
2Runed StalactiteRuned Stalactite
2Slagwurm ArmorSlagwurm Armor
2Vulshok GauntletsVulshok Gauntlets
2Vulshok MorningstarVulshok Morningstar
2Whispersilk CloakWhispersilk Cloak
16 total
Deck file


2Terramorphic ExpanseTerramorphic Expanse
2Unknown ShoresUnknown Shores
6 total
Deck file


2Abomination of GudulAbomination of Gudul
2Abzan GuideAbzan Guide
2Efreet WeaponmasterEfreet Weaponmaster
2Ponyback BrigadePonyback Brigade
2Snowhorn RiderSnowhorn Rider
10 total
Deck file


2Elf ReplicaElf Replica
2Goblin ReplicaGoblin Replica
2Nim ReplicaNim Replica
2Soldier ReplicaSoldier Replica
2Wizard ReplicaWizard Replica
10 total
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Spell Lands

The cube includes a cycle of lands that have a small effect when they come into play.

2Fertile ThicketFertile Thicket
2Looming SpiresLooming Spires
2Mortuary MireMortuary Mire
2Sandstone BridgeSandstone Bridge
2Soaring SeacliffSoaring Seacliff
10 total
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White vertical cycle

A white vertical cycle consists of creature cards that get a bonus when equipped.

2Auriok GlaivemasterAuriok Glaivemaster
2Leonin Den-GuardLeonin Den-Guard
2Skyhunter CubSkyhunter Cub
6 total
Deck file

Blue vertical cycle

A blue vertical cycle consists of Affinity for artifacts cards.

2Somber HoverguardSomber Hoverguard
4 total
Deck file

Black vertical cycle

A black vertical cycle consists of Delve cards.

2Shambling AttendantsShambling Attendants
2Sultai ScavengerSultai Scavenger
4 total
Deck file

Red vertical cycle

A red vertical cycle consists of cards that deal one damage to creatures opponents control.

2Chandra's FuryChandra's Fury
4 total
Deck file

Green vertical cycle

A green vertical cycle consists of cards that boost creatures' power and toughness.

2Gather CourageGather Courage
2Vines of the RecluseVines of the Recluse
4 total
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These cards do not belong into a specific archetype and can be cast with colorless mana.

2Keeper of the LensKeeper of the Lens
2Kozilek's ChannelerKozilek's Channeler
2Kozilek's PathfinderKozilek's Pathfinder
2Warden of GeometriesWarden of Geometries
8 total
Deck file