Sexyloop is the name for cellular automaton rules that enable artificial lifeforms. Those lifeforms consist of loops of cells containing genetic information that runs through them. Loops can self-replicate and transfer genetic information between them (i.e. have sex). Sexyloop was introduced in Sexyloop: Self-Reproduction, Evolution and Sex in Cellular Automata; it is a variant of Langton's Loops.

Two artificial lifeforms in Sexyloop model M2 (RLE file)

In simulations with the Sexyloop model M2 there exists a species that can take over the plane. I have named it invasive species, as I have not seen it occur naturally; I introduced it myself modifying the genetic information of existing species. The invasive species has an evolutionary edge over other species by reproducing fast and leaving behind cells with no genetic information that hinder reproduction of other species.

Invasive species in Sexyloop model M2 after 1000 iterations