Urbit is an operating system from Mars.

Unix to Urbit command translation

The following table provides Urbit equivalents for some Unix shell commands:

Unix Urbit
cd $HOME :cd /===
finger erlehmann :thumb ~mosdeb-tasled
ls :ls %
printf '%i\n' 0x7b `@u`0x7b
printf '0x%x\n' 123 `@h`123


Paths can look like /$ship/try/34/example/hoon or /$ship/try=/example/hoon for the latest version of the file or /$ship/try/label/example/hoon for a labeled version or /=try=/example/hoon for the latest version on your own ship. Hence why /=== is the same as ~ : Think of = as default; /=== means, default ship, default folder, default version or, home .

(explained by ~tomsyt-balsen [John Burnham] )

Phonemic Base

In Urbit , numbers can be represented using syllables to aid memorability:

decimal hexadecimal phonemic
0 0x0 ~zod
32.767 0x7fff ~fapmed
123.456.789 0x75bcd15 ~walzod-dinlug