In , 3D printer company Stratasys bought MakerBot for $403 million. In , Stratasys brought suit for patent infringement against MakerBot competitor Afinia .

Coincidence? Stratasys has had these patents since the late 1990s and MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis uses the opportunity to remind us that he has become a traitor to the hacker community :

PT: Are you planning on suing individually hobbyists who are making 3D printers at home?
BRE: I legally can ’ t make forward-looking statements on behalf of MakerBot or Stratasys.

Seems the CIA CEO will neither confirm nor deny the plan. Also:

You can’t blame me, MakerBot or Stratasys for the patent system. What you can blame us for is creating products and working within the current system to make sustainable products that are innovative and powerful.

Marcus Wolschon's chronology of MakerBot sheds doubt on these claims:

  1. July 2010 - RepRap blog posting about the heated conveyor belt
  2. August 2011 - Makerbot Industries receives $10M venture capital funding. Applied for patent on heated conveyor belt.
  3. November 2011 - Makerbot Industries filed for a patent on a heated conveyor belt.

Innovative? No further questions.