Today I found out that Github semi-deleted all my repositories ; I can could still access them when logged in, but no one else can could . I plan to restore migrate my repositories. Brian Levine from Github support restored my profile, claiming it was flagged as spam by an automated system. As Brian wrote he was sorry , I asked him to ensure this can never happen again – by providing permanent HTTP redirects to my own server for my projects hosted currently on GitHub .

Two things hinder migration elsewhere: First, GitHub does not use Git for managing Issues . Maybe that would be too interoperable? Second, other people have linked to my repositories – one is even mentioned in a printed publication, the O'Reilly book about Internet Memes plomlompom and me wrote. As GitHub now claims – lies – that there is no content, readers will not find what they are looking for (and probably blame me).

GitHub is certainly not obligated to provide me a service – I did not provide venture capital, therefore I was not their customer, but their product. However, I consider it antisocial to break URL s to previously accessible resources. I have sent a message concerning the issue to GitHub :

Today I found out that I can still see my repositories, but no one else can. If you really do not want me to have a profile, please provide permanent redirects to the URLs of my projects elsewhere. I consider this important as some projects of mine are mentioned on websites and academic papers others have written – readers of those resources will now be lied to by GitHub and see a 404 error.

I realize now it was an error to use any external service for my projects. I can therefore assure you I will not use GitHub ever again and will recommend against using it whenever the issue comes up.

If this meant to be a retaliatiory strike for making one of your developers feel bad, be aware that someone who is offended when someone brings up bugs in their program is probably not a good developer. Is that person still unable to code a form submit button without resorting to JavaScript?

Btw , the form submit button mentioned is the Fork button . When I emailed GitHub Staff about it not working and suggested using < input type=submit > , the answer was (seriously):

We mostly support the following browsers:

  • IE9+
  • Firefox latestish
  • Safari/Chrome latestish

We don't test using other browsers currently.

The best of the best!